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Item 1
One of the most comprehensive recreational boating safety web sites in Canada (and beyond).
Item 2
A comprehensive recreational aviation safety websites designed to educate pilots on incident prevention and enhance their SAR awareness
Item 3
Cold Water Boot Camp literally stopped the recreational boating community ‘cold in their tracks’. The genesis of Cold Water Boot Camp was to find a way to get recreational boaters into lifejackets and positively change the drowning statistics.
Item 4
An educational program for first responders initially delivered on line. It was created to change the statistics of the number of severely hypothermic subject who died during or shortly after rescue.
Item 5
Baby its Cold Outside is a comprehensive outreach initiative for Search and Rescue First Responders and the Public. Focused on hypothermia and other cold injuries providing important information afor the public about mitigating the risk and how to deal with it for first responders.
Item 6
This three-year program was designed to make Canadian Boaters more aware of safe and responsible practices with an ultimate goal of reducing boating incidents.

PlaySafe Productions …
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We are a communications company specializing in innovative approaches for the development, production, programming and promotion of safety for marine, aviation and land based recreational activities

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Safety Communication

Playsafe has made a difference in recreational safety awareness through a number of large and important projects.

Video Production

PlaySafe Production’s video services include concept development, research, HD video production to broadcast standards.

Marketing and Promotion

Promotional & marketing services focused on three areas of recreational & occupational safety; land, sea and air.